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specialist alcohol training courses for professionals

PRIDDY Training

are you a frontline professional supporting people aged 16-30 ?

PRIDDY training helps workers identify 20 indicators that suggest an individual may be at a higher risk of experiencing alcohol related harm than others .
Learn the 20 indicators andhow to use the PRIDDY Toolkit on our full day training course delivered by Mike Ward , a specialist in the alcohol and health field .
PRIDDY training also includes Identification & Brief Advice ( IBA ).

Trainee Feedback

" It was really great training that I think everyone who works in drug and alcohol services should attend whether a new starter like myself or someone who is well experienced and maybe just needs a refresher ."
" Brilliant training , learned so much about the risks of alcohol , that was really eye opening ."
" It will helpmebe more informative and allow a better conversation with the client surrounding their audit score and offering relevant advice in a person centred way ."

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