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‘ Constant bombardment ’ of alcohol ads threatens people in recovery

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The ‘ constant bombardment ’ of alcohol adverts , particularly over Christmas and during major sporting events , makes it difficult for people in recovery ‘ to fully participate in everyday life ’, says a new report from the Alcohol Health Alliance ( AHA ). The umbrella group of more than 60 organisations is calling on the government to take urgent action to protect ‘ both those in recovery and children from overexposure to alcohol marketing ’.

Marketing can act as a ‘ trigger ’ for relapse among vulnerable groups , says No escape : how alcohol marketing preys on children and vulnerable people . Children also demonstrate high levels of brand awareness through their regular exposure to alcohol marketing , it states , with more than 80 per cent reporting seeing it within the last month . ‘ Research has consistently shown that alcohol marketing is causally linked to alcohol use among young people , including starting to drink at an earlier age or engaging in riskier consumption ,’ AHA states .
THE UK IS THE FOURTH LEADING COUNTRY on ‘ humane and healthdriven ’ drug policies , according to the new Global Drug Policy Index . Norway is in first place , followed by New Zealand , Portugal , the UK and Australia , with Brazil , Uganda , Indonesia , Kenya and Mexico occupying the bottom five places . The index , which has been developed by the Harm Reduction Consortium , is made up of 75 indicators across five main themes – criminal justice , extreme responses , health and harm reduction , access to internationally controlled
Alcohol marketing was a ‘ significant contributor ’ to alcohol harm in the UK , said AHA chair Professor Sir Ian Gilmore .
‘ The glamourisation of a harmful product creates a culture where alcohol is seen as an essential part of everyday life ,' he stated . ' With deaths linked to alcohol at record highs , we are in desperate need of a new approach . The Health and Care Bill plans to introduce advertising restrictions such as a 9pm watershed for " less healthy food

UK world fourth for humane drug policies

medicines , and development . However , even first-ranked Norway only has a score of 74 out of 100 , with the UK scoring 69 . The median score across all 30 countries ranked is just 48 .
Drug law enforcement continues to target non-violent and possession offences , says the index , with only three countries surveyed managing to ‘ truly ’ divert people away from the criminal justice system .
Just five countries , meanwhile , have allocated ‘ adequate ’ funding for harm reduction programmes , and the ‘ militarised and law
or drink " advertising on TV and a prohibition of paid-for " less healthy food or drink " advertising online , at the end of 2022 . Alarmingly , alcohol is not currently included in these plans and is bizarrely not considered a less healthy drink . This needs to change . The government must now introduce comprehensive marketing restrictions in both real world and digital spaces to ensure that vulnerable adults and children are protected from alcohol advertising and its harm .’
enforcement ’ approach continues to prevail . The disproportionate impact on people marginalised on the basis of their ethnicity , gender or socio-economic status was reported to some extent across all countries , with the UK marked down for the way its policies impact ‘ to a very large extent ’ on low-income and some ethnic groups and ‘ to a moderate extent ’ on women .
‘ Forty-eight out of 100 is a drug policy fail in anyone ’ s book ,’ said Ann Fordham , executive director of the International Drug Policy Consortium , lead partner in the Harm Reduction Consortium . ‘ None of the countries assessed should feel good about their score on drug policy , because no country has reached a perfect score . Or anywhere near it .’ globaldrugpolicyindex . net
COFFEE TIME WDP has partnered with SEND Coffee to offer rough sleepers in Camden hot drinks in a local coffee shop in exchange for Capital Card points . The scheme will give service users an ‘ opportunity to benefit from companionship which most of us take for granted ,’ said WDP chair Yasmin Batliwala capitalcardrewards . com .
PARTNER CALL Alcohol Change UK is looking for local partners for its new project to help identify and respond to cognitive impairment in dependent drinkers , building on the success of the Blue Light Project and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Dependent Drinkers Project . Contact mike . ward @ alcoholchange . uk
PEER PROJECT LJWG is working with Hackney Council to scope the feasibility of developing a peer-led and delivered NSP , with additional hep C awareness and testing capacity . Based on focus groups with people who use NSP and interviews with specialists from across London , the report will be featured in the next DDN .