DCS Research Agenda 2023 | Page 3

2023 Research Agenda


Rehabilitative Opportunities

( 3 ) Enhancing Specialized Mental Health Supervision ( SMHS ) with a Clinical Case Consultation Model :
Persons with mental illnesses fare significantly worse on supervision than others . Furthermore , assisting clients with mental health needs poses unique challenges for officers .
Therefore , we partnered with the University of North Carolina ( UNC ) to conduct a multi-site pilot project to improve Georgia ' s SMHS approach . This intervention will build workforce capacity and give CSOs the competency and support needed to assist clients with mental illness effectively . Specifically , we will increase CSOs ' technical skillset and mental health knowledge through a Clinical Case Consultation Model .
( 4 ) State of Georgia Day Reporting Center Program Assessment Tool ( DRC-PAT ):
Since 2002 , DCS has provided evidence-based behavioral health services through DRCs , which includes the provision of community supervision , cognitive behavioral therapy ( i . e ., Moral Reconation Therapy ), addiction treatment , and psychosocial interventions ( e . g ., GED , vocational training , and family reunification services ).
Given the scope of services provided , there was a need to assess the quality assurance of DRCs across the state to ensure services are available and delivered according to ' best ' practices .
For this reason , we partnered with the University of Georgia School of Social Work to establish the DRC-PAT as a validated instrument for assessing program quality across all DRCs . This project is an ongoing partnership with UGA to assess our DRCs ' adherence to evidence-based principles consistently .