DCS Annual Report 2019 - Page 4

About Us Year in Review August 1 , 2018 - July 31, 2019 — It is my pleasure to present the Georgia Department of Community Supervision’s 2019 Annual Report. Commissioner Nail FOUNDED In 2015 when HB 310 was introduced WE STRIVE FOR A holistic approach to offender supervision that involves all facets of the community Since inception, we have prided ourselves on being an agency of innovation. Whether it be our internationally recognized use of technology, our commitment to exploring and implementing evidence-based practices, or our focus on creating additional efficiencies through the evaluation of our operations, DCS remains committed to advancing our mission and protecting Georgia citizens. In the past Fiscal Year, we have introduced additional enhancements to further automate our case management system in order to assist officers with important supervision notifications. We also explored potential avenues to address the vital issue of officer safety and what we can do to ensure our officers are protected while performing their duties. Other notable changes in FY19 included a departmental reorganization. Utilizing recommendations from operational evaluation studies, DCS realigned several divisions to streamline our operations which better positioned us to serve our communities. Looking ahead, we will continue to operate with an eye towards efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and research-driven decision making. Lastly, I would like to recognize our employees. Without a doubt, they are our greatest asset. It is the collective contributions of these dedicated and hardworking professionals that enable DCS to pursue innovative practices that elevate our agency to new heights. Michael W. Nail Commissioner