DCS Annual Report 2019 - Page 22

ex ternal.af [email protected] Reentry Success Story — DeKalb Community Coordinator Sharon Almon put our mission at the forefront when she assisted an individual under supervision transition into a productive and contributive member of his local community. The individual was released during the 2019 fiscal year. The initial intake assessment concluded that the individual demonstrated he had some level of mental health challenges. He showed multiple signs that he could have been a threat to himself or others at the time. However, through assistance, the individual was connected to counseling services as well as a mentor. He was stabilized soon after with the help of counseling and medication. Through advocacy and a network of employment resources available to him, the individual was connected with a bakery for an interview, and was eventually hired. The individual achieved eight months retention on this job before accepting a new position and relocating. He now lives in Douglasville, where he is able to utilize his manufacturing and forklift experience. || dcs.ga.gov Housing Re-entry Partnership Housing — The Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) Program is a means to provide housing to qualified individuals under supervision who do not have valid residence plans. These individuals may be released from prison or jail or are active participants in an Accountability Court (felony drug, mental health, veterans, or family). Certified RPH Providers provide them with stable housing and food. The goal of the RPH Program is to provide short-term housing assistance to help stabilize an individual’s reentry process and enhance his or her ability to remain crime-free. This program involves a unique collaboration between several state agencies, including the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the Department of Corrections (GDC), and the Council of Accountability Court Judges (CACJ).