DCS Annual Report 2019 | Page 13

Our Employees 2,011 113,592 DCS employed 1,503 sworn staff, and 508 non-sworn staff, as of July 1, 2019. Professional development is a value for DCS and we invest heavily in our workforce. DCS believes in providing opportunities for our employees to enhance their talents so that we can remain a relevant and productive department. DCS employees received 113,592 hours of training in FY19—an average of 68.5 hours per sworn employee. DCS Training provided 440 courses, including 36 online courses. DCS employees Employee Engagement — During FY19, DCS conducted an Employee Engagement Survey in order to cultivate a stronger workforce that best serves Georgia's citizens. Pictured to the left are representatives from each focus group that convenes regularly to develop strategies to enhance the workplace culture of our Department. Our employees are undoubtedly our greatest asset. Hours of training