DCS Annual Report 2015 - Page 4

Looking to the Future It is my honor to present the first annual report of the Department of Community Supervision. As Georgia’s newest state agency, DCS has spent 2015 in a state of continual change and progress. Fortunately for us, change is the heart of our business: our work changes the lives of the offenders, their families, and the communities we serve. In our first six months, we’ve focused on developing a strong foundation for our agency, and we are poised to do great things in our first full year of operation. Our proudest accomplishment thus far is the development of our staff. The professionals that serve DCS are some of the best and brightest working in the field of community supervision today, and they work tirelessly to improve our delivery of efficient, fair, and effective community supervision. Our goal for next year, and for the years to come, is lofty: we aim to transform community supervision practices in Georgia through an evidence-based, community-centric, holistic approach. To accomplish this, we intend to leverage the exceptional skills and passion of our team and the support structure of an agency developed from the ground up with the highest standards of innovation. This report serves as a general introduction to DCS, and provides an overview of the performance metrics that will guide our agency as we move forward. Sincerely, Michael W. Nail Commissioner