DCS Annual Report 2015 - Page 14

Indicators of Success HB 310 REQUIREMENTS HB 310 charges DCS with collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data regarding the impact of treatment programs on offender recidivism. In addition to the reporting requirements outlined in HB 310, DCS intends to track and analyze data that can help guide our work towards achieving the best outcomes for those we serve. Processes are currently being established for collecting and analyzing data, and first-year data may be incomplete. Incomplete data will be analyzed and reported as such in the 2017 Annual Report. HB 310 transferred the oversight responsibilities of private and governmental misdemeanor probation entities from the County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council (CMPAC) to the newly created Board of Community Supervision. The Board is responsible for reviewing and reporting on the uniform professional standards and uniform contract agreement standards, in order to enable the General Assembly to review the effectiveness of the minimum professional standards and, if necessary, revise them. In November 2016, the Board of Community Supervision formed an Advisory Council and is currently undertaking the review of standards. The report will be provided prior to its January 2017 due date.