DCS Annual Report 2015 - Page 12

GOVERNOR’S OFFICE OF TRANSITION, SUPPORT AND REENTRY In October 2015, DCS assumed responsibility of the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Reentry (GOTSR). This transition helps maximize operational resources available for GOTSR as it continues working to ensure successful implementation of reentry initiatives throughout the state, and it also improves the ease of access to reentry resources for offenders under DCS supervision. MISDEMEANOR PROBATION OVERSIGHT HB 310 designated the DCS Board to provide oversight to private and governmental misdemeanor probation entities. While the supervision responsibility of misdemeanor probation cases does not reside with DCS, we do provide the oversight infrastructure needed to ensure the integrity of Georgia’s misdemeanor probation system. With the DCS Board and the Board’s Advisory Council now in place, our focus has shifted to the development of business processes and quality assurance tools. As a critical next step, we have established a Misdemeanor Probation Oversight Unit within DCS, charged with implementing the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Community Supervision. Additionally, the unit will develop processes for the registration and compliance of misdemeanor probation providers across the state of Georgia. We are currently working in concert with both private and governmental misdemeanor probation providers to ensure the existence of a transparent system that adheres to the intent of the law. JUVENILE OFFENDERS On July 1, 2016, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) will transition components of their Division of Community Supervision and associated supporting personnel to DCS and DCS will begin providing supervision services for select Class A and Class B designated juvenile felony offenders.