DCN October 2017 - Page 22

Green IT Green And Clean Dr Mattias Ganslandt, CEO and president of Multigrid discusses the benefits of adopting a GREEN strategy and the multiple ways in which data centre operators can do so in order to reap the rewards. D ata centres offer critical infrastructure and energy supply to IT equipment and servers that are at the heart of the ongoing third, and the-soon-to-come fourth, industrial revolution. With the increasing use of IT-as-a-Service follows environmental benefits, due to a more sustainable production of ICT services, combined with productivity gains in the wider economy. In addition, Greenpeace concluded in this year’s Clicking 22 | October 2017 Green report that the leadership by major internet companies has been a catalyst in driving a broader set of corporations to adopt 100% renewable goals. Much focus with respect to sustainable computing has been on commitments to buy renewable energy under purchasing power agreements. Data centres may, however, benefit strategically, commercially and financially from a more extensive and ambitious approach to green computing. Beyond green power Data centres are large consumers of electricity and materials. Choices made in input markets have profound implications for carbon emissions. However, data centres are also large producers of waste heat and they have significant 66FW2f"F7G&'WFVB7F&vPBvVW&FbVV7G&6G66W2FRWGWB&WG0FW2fRFFFƖ6F0f"FRVf&VBFF6VG&W266&Fvǐ6G&'WFRF7W7F&ƗG'