DCN April 2017 - Page 19

RACKANGEL - THE ULTIMATE SECURITY SOLUTION FOR IT CABINETS With ever tightening regulatory controls and compliance requirements (e.g. PCI/DSS, FCA, GDPR, Webtrust), focus on information security and data protection has never been greater. However, physically securing, controlling & reporting on access to IT equipment is often overlooked or a secondary concern. To help organisations mitigate the risk of physical data breaches, RackANGEL from EDP Europe Limited provides a multi layered security solution to protect IT equipment installed in 19” racks. • • • • • • • • Retro-fitting rack security & access control solution that is cost effective, flexible and easy to implement. Provides real-time auditing that tracks and reports on activities and events. Issues alerts when unauthorised events are detected. Biometric access card compatible with Mifare, HID, iClass, DESfire & Legic CTC. Provides dual level authentication without the expense of replacing existing card reader infrastructure. Eliminates the need for storing and managing biometric data. Enhance the rack security system with in-rack CCTV surveillance cameras. Provides real-time or historical footage of both authorised and unauthorised events. RackANGEL Proactively Protecting Your IT Rack Environment Call Us On +44 (0)1376 510337 or E-mail sales@edpeurope.com EDP Europe Limited Unit 4 Europa Park - Croft Way - Witham - Essex CM8 2FN www.edpeurope.com - www.rackangel.com