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saturDAY , OCTOBER 3 , 2 pm
cervus canadensis Alex Rogalski , Saskatchewan , 3m The elk or wapiti is one of the largest species within the deer family , Cervidae . This animal should not be confused with the still larger moose ( alces alces ) to which the name “ elk ” applies in British English .
All It Gives Talia Woodland , Yukon , 15m Showcasing one of Toronto ’ s best up and coming Hiphop dancing stars , “ All It Gives ” follows the story of Kosi Eze , a Nigerian immigrant who moved to Canada when she was 14 . Her transition to the country brought immense culture shock , loneliness and loss of identity . From dancing in the hallways at her high school , to winning battles across the globe , Kosi ’ s story of growth is a glowing example of how the power of Hiphop can inspire , uplift and support anyone who needs it and wants to discover it .
Phenomena Penny McCann , Ontario , 8m An experimental triptych filmed in Super 8 and 16mm over a four year period , Phenomena continues an evolving preoccupation with landscape and celluloid practices . Three scenes are observed : a snowstorm in downtown Ottawa ( where the artist lives ), a gentle winter thaw on a bog in Eastern Ontario , and the raging Ottawa river during spring run-off . The simple act of observation is transformed into a post-modern cataloging of events , prompting the viewer to wonder to what extent the natural world and phenomena can exist unmediated in filmed representation .
Greyish Eghbal Shirzaei ,
Islamic Republic of Iran , 4m It ’ s a minimal story about a wooden old man as a metaphor of our life !