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FRIDAY , OCTOBER 2 , 7:30 pm
The Great Wolodarsky Cribbage Tournament Ma ’ ayan Sue Rypp , Manitoba , 20m A family affair that documents the 25th Annual Wolodarsky Cribbage Tournament . The greater Wolodarsky family get together in a fun way to enjoy each other ’ s company . The film explores notions of tradition , memory , and place , revealing the cross-cultural parallels of these overarching themes . The game of cribbage becomes a fulcrum from which one can examine human relations ; a harmonization of both our inherent drive for comraderie and as well as our competitive nature to win .
Compassion Lulu Keating , Yukon , 5m A woman prospector , alone in the Yukon wilderness ; a man crazed with hunger . What will happen when they meet ?
Whistle While You Work Cud Eastbound , Yukon , 3m Be happy in your work .