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saturdAY , OCTOBER 10 , 7:30pm
The Caretaker Ange Bonnici , Yukon , 5m A man is drawn to the place where he was found as a child . An abandoned town where everyone died ..
Malarchuk Bennie Allain Jared Klok , Yukon 5m Something weird is happening down at the rink . A stranger with a familiar name is guarding a secret .
The Sex Act Madelyn G Rideout , Ontario 12m Ellen seeks out her own sex education when she ’ s dissatisfied with the lesson she ’ s given at school . She discovers a world of knowledge so incredible , she decides to gather her friends and start her own sex-ed-club , much to the dismay of her parents .
Two Snakes Coming Together
Fish Griwkowsky , Alberta , 13m An experimental behind-the-scenes doc , shot in red / cyan 3D , about the making of Trevor Anderson ’ s penis thriller DOCKING . NOTE : Please use your 3D glasses for this film
Docking Trevor Anderson , Alberta , 4m Trevor reflects on his fear of dating .
Please Note : This screening contains images of violence and sexuality .