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saturdAY , OCTOBER 10 , 2pm
First Eyes curated by Kerry Barber
Liliu Jeremiah Tauamiti , Samoan , 17m Solo , a young Samoan interpreter for a Native Court in colonial , Samoa , does what he thinks is best for his people , at times lying as he translates . High Chief Nua , who understands and speaks English , is charged with trespassing . There is a tirade of verbal punches between Solo , Nua , and an old Judge hell-bent on Colonial rule . Solo risks everything when Nua is wrongfully imprisoned , fights to get back to her stranded grandchildren , leaving the colonial shackles behind .
I am Hitkoak , Tabitha Adine , 6m Hitkoak describes her youth : the food she ate , the toys she grew up with , and the values she learned from her elders . Now , she passes them on to the young people in her community . In 2017 , Reel Youth visited Kugluktuk , NU for two weeks as part of the Moving Forward Together - Hivumut Aulaniq Atauttimut project . We facilitated two intergenerational programs on the land , where young people and community elders spent time out on the land , teaching , learning , and creating short films . We also created a documentary to help share the magic of these programs .
Ulu Tommy Kudluk , Nunavik , 5m Tommy Kudluk is a handyman who spends most of his time in the land . In this film , after catching a fish with a spear , he makes an ulu , a traditional knife used by Inuit women . He can now enjoy freshly caught Arctic Char with his wife , Maggie .
Métis Femme Bodies , Chanelle Lajoie , Treaty 1 Territory , 6m Métis Femme Bodies is an exploration into the experiences of what has become a repressed identity in both Indigenous and femme forms . Métis Femme Bodies aims to offer visibility and voice to those who have been denied such luxury in order to accurately represent themselves and correct misleading narratives imposed by greater power structures .