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Orion Tide , Kelly Richardson , 20m , 2013-2014 , HD Video
Installation Location : Red Feather Saloon ( side ) Drawing from the aesthetics of cinema and dystopian stories , Orion Tide presents a Roswellesque desert with spurts of light and smoke repeatedly taking off into the dark night sky , resting somewhere in the territory between science fiction and biblical wraths . By uniting the cataclysmic commonalities that both worlds share , Richardson creates an apocalyptically sublime space in which all ideals dissolve and a universal transition is made for whatever may come next . Be it rapture or evacuation , the solution of departure is immensely satisfying to witness .
She Falls for Ages , Skawennati , 21m 2016 , Machinima
Installation Location : Front Street Art Market Building ( Princess & Front ) This sci-fi retelling of the Haudenosaunee ( Iroquois ) creation story reimagines Sky World as a futuristic , utopic space and Sky Woman as a brave astronaut and world-builder . It begins on an ancient , alien world whose culture centres on the care and reverence for the beautiful , energy-producing Celestial Tree . The central figure of the tale is Otsitsakaion , a telepath . When she learns that her world is dying , she knows what must be done ; she must become the seed of the new world . Using the new media technique known as machinima , She Falls For Ages boldly mixes Haudenosaunee storytelling with science fiction to connect the deep past and the far future .
This event made possible with the generous support of DCISFF , KIAC , SOVA , Parks Canada , Bombay Peggy ' s , City of Dawson & the Canada Council for the Arts .