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sunDAY , OCTOBER 4 , 7:30 pm
Mer Bleue Cecilia Araneda , Manitoba , 4m A pathway through time captures the changing of seasons and the evanescence of love .
Fireweed Fran Morberg-Green , Yukon , 8m Our roots and ancestors run deep .
Chickens , Nicole Favron , Yukon , 2m Chickens ... A brief mockumentary on the life of these spectacular birds ; a whirlwind of emotion and cinematic grace
Smashed , Linda Glass , Yukon , 4m A relationship-weary woman dreams of reclaiming her sensuous nature . One item from an oppressive relationship remains . A chance encounter in nature sparks a wild idea .
I Hold the Dehcho in My Heart / Sedze Tah Dehcho E ’ toh , Lesley Johnson , NWT , 22m In July and August of 2017 , a group of Indigenous students , elders and educators , embarked on a six week paddle trip down Canada ’ s longest river , the Mackenzie , known as the Dehcho in the Dene language , in an effort to reconnect with land and culture . These young Dene women overcome exhausting days and occasionally treacherous weather conditions , to feel cultural pride and gain valuable leadership skills to bring back to their home communities in the North .