Dawn Emerson Collection Set Dawn Emerson Collection Set

Dawn Emerson Collection Set A Message From Dawn: “Used alone or in conjunction with stick pastels, PanPastel offers new opportunities for layering over many surfaces and media that stick pastels simply cannot be applied to. The Sofft Applicators can act like a brush or palette knife to give the artist more ways to make marks and control pressure. Unlike stick pastels, PanPastel Colors leave no crumbly edges when used through stencils. Colors can be applied thinly to achieve a wash-like transparent quality that reveals layers below, or the color can be applied many layers deep to achieve a more intense, opaque appearance. Contrary to the traditional rule of pastel, dark colors can be put over light colors, and colors can be changed completely without scraping off a previous layer. Because of the fine consistency of the pigments, PanPastel Colors can be erased, scraped through with various tools, or used with wet and dry media. In short, PanPastel affords the artist unlimited possibilites for layering and mixing colors in new ways to offer each artist new tools for expression. PanPastel Colors are non-toxic and less dusty than stick pastels. They are easy to store, transport, and clean. With this set of 40 pans and a few applicators you should be able to mix virtually any color you wish, including metallics, pearlescents, shades and tints! You can even “dilute” any color by adding the Colorless Blender to it. PanPastel Colors are fun to use and don’t require an easel or special “pastel” papers. Enjoy creating and combining colors as you would with paint. The color mixing chart enclosed is only to give you an idea of where to begin! Just play and discover what you can do!” Set Contents: 40 x PanPastel ® Colors / Mediums 4 x Sofft ® Angle Slice Sponges Ref. 30401 2 x Palette Trays with Covers 4 x Sofft ® Sponge Bars Tray 1: ONLINE VIDEO OF DAWN DEMONSTRATING WITH PANPASTEL: YouTube.com/PanPastel “PanPastel Colors give me the freedom I need to explore new ways to use color, layering, and mark making in my work.” Dawn’s Tips: 4SURFACES Try applying PanPastel Colors to different substrates (not just paper!) of different colors and textures and notice how they spread differently and look more or less intense, opaque, or transparent, on the different papers. 4 MIXED MEDIA Use over wet or dry mediums like graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, oil pastel, oil sticks, wax, or wet mediums like oil, printmaking ink, acrylic, water color, etc. As long as you don’t contaminate the pan/sponge applicator with another medium (like oil or water, turp or alcohol) you will discover that you don’t have to wait for things to dry before applying the PanPastel. Use a light touch! Raw Umber Extra Dark 780.1 PBr7 **** Burnt Sienna Ex. Dark 740.1 PR101:1 **** Yellow Ochre Shade 270.3 PY42 **** Orange Extra Dark 280.1 PO62 **** Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark 380.1 PR101 **** Raw Umber 780.5 PBr7 **** Red Iron Oxide Shade 380.3 PR101 **** Yellow Ochre 270.5 PY42 **** Orange Shade 280.3 PO62 **** Permanent Red Shade 340.3 PR254 **** Chromium Oxide Green 660.5 PG17 **** Burnt Sienna 740.5 PR101:1 **** Diarylide Yellow 250.5 PY83 **** Orange 280.5 PO62 **** Permanent Red 340.5 PR254 **** Notice how their matte finish allows them to integrate beautifully with other matte mediums. Bt. Yellow Green Shade 680.3 PY3/PG17 **** Turquoise 580.5 PG50/PB36 **** Hansa Yellow 220.5 PY3 Orange Tint 280.8 PO62 *** Permanent Red Tint 340.8 PR254 ** 4 LAYER PanPastel Colors over and under stick pastels, through stencils, and against edges of torn or cut paper. Magenta Extra Dark 430.1 PR122 **** Violet Extra Dark 470.1 PV23 **** Phthalo Blue Extra Dark 560.1 PB15 **** Ultramarine Blue Ex. Dark Phthalo Green Extra Dark 520.1 PB29 **** 620.1 PG7 **** Magenta Shade 430.3 PR122 *** Violet Shade 470.3 PV23 **** Phthalo Blue 560.5 PB15 **** Ultramarine Blue 520.5 PB29 **** Magenta 430.5 PR122 *** Violet 470.5 PV23 **** Paynes Grey Black Phthalo Green Tint 840.3 PB29/PY42/PBk7/PW6 **** 800.5 PBk7/PBk11 **** 620.8 PG7 *** Colorless Blender 010 **** Pearl Medium - White Fine 011 **** **** Tray 2: Neutral Grey 820.5 PW6/PBk7 **** Titanium White 100.5 PW6 **** Phthalo Green 620.5 PG7 **** Raw Umber Tint 780.8 PBr7 **** 4 FIXATIVE Spray fix or varnish (using any good quality pastel compatible fixative/varnish) to make color unmovable and to isolate layers. 4 ERASE & SCRAPE Use both additive and subtractive approaches. Subtract with hard and soft erasers, scratch through to layers below with razor blades. 4 EXPERIMENT & HAVE FUN! Note that each color name & no. is identified on the base of the pan. Take notes about your discoveries, and share your exploits with friends. 4 Try painting a subject in different color harmonies: black/grey/white, monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triadic, split complementary, OR just have fun and go for it! 4 Create beautiful calligraphic marks with the large Sofft Angle Slice Sponge. 4 Take just PanPastel to a figure drawing class. Draw shapes with PanPastel, then add lines with charcoal. PanPastel.com Video , links & downloads available: PaintDrawBlend.com/dawn-emerson-collection