Dateline Special Update: April 22, 2020 - Page 3

Gladstone Senior Center BINGO with a Twist Complete all of the activities in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Call Gladstone at 651-748-7250 or email Cheryl at when you have achieved a BINGO and we will enter one ticket into a drawing with your name on it! Five Bingo Maximum = 5 raffle tickets. Deadline to submit entries: April 30, 2020. B I List 3 things you love about your favorite TV show or movie. Complete: • 20 arm curls • 20 knee lifts • 20 ankle rolls List 3 things that you are grateful for today! Call a senior center friend OR a family member! Drink 64 oz. of water in one day! Daily suggestion source: Take a selfie! Send to a friend or the Community Education Facebook page. Make something creative (such as cooking, drawing, craft, etc…) N G O Take a walk OR get some sun! Clean out your pantry/cupboards. How many expired items do you have? Stimulate your mind! Complete one crossword, word search, Sudoku or other puzzle. Write about a positive and memorable time in your life. Pay it forward! Give someone a compliment. How many words can you come up with in two minutes using the letters from: CORONAVIRUS. List 3 things you love about Gladstone Senior Center! Take 3 deep breaths! • In through your nose, count to 3 • Hold, count to 3 • Out through your mouth, count to 3 Clean out your junk drawer! Throw away garbage, wash the drawer, and share the weird items you find with us. Try a new recipe! Name all 50 States! NO CHEATING. Reminisce! Look through old photos. Listen to music that makes you happy! Mail a friend or family member a letter. Write down a piece of advice you would give to younger generations. Gladstone Senior Center Play a card game. Purge! Go through your phone and clean out apps/pictures that you no longer want or use.