Data Driven Avanade Issue 1 - Page 8

Data Driven Issue 01 IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT THE DESIGN, AERODYNAMICS, MANUFACTURING AND RACE TRACK OPERATIONS ARE UNAFFECTED BY THE BREAK, LOTUS F1 TEAM NEEDS TO HAVE A DETAILED UNDERSTANDING OF ITS DEVELOPMENT SCHEDULE ACROSS ALL PRODUCTION AND PLANNING DEPARTMENTS. PLANNING FOR A TWO WEEK SHUTDOWN CONTINUED... NO WORK RELATED TO THE DESIGN, MANUFACTURING OR RACING OF AN F1 CAR IS ALLOWED DURING THE TWO-WEEK SHUTDOWN In addition, the company’s email system is frozen, meaning no discussion or other communication can take place. The challenge faced by Lotus F1 Team is to get everything for the Belgian Grand Prix, at the end of August, lined up by August 1 so that, when the factory doors reopen a fortnight later, the team can pick up exactly where they left off with no interruption to the team’s goals or efficiency and without compromising the team’s pursuit of world championship points. “Right before the shutdown we have the Hungarian Grand Prix, and straight afterwards it’s Belgium,” explains Lotus F1 Team CEO, Patrick Louis. “Both races require very different technical set-ups, so, before we log off for August, we have to manufacture new parts for Belgium and also for Monza, the second race after the shutdown, which requires yet another package. We cannot afford any delays because, on the Monday after each race, the parts are obsolete because they are bespoke to each of these races. Planning on the design side and manufacturing logistics are key.” In order to ensure that the design, aerodynamics, manufacturing and race track operations are unaffected by the break, Lotus F1 Team needs to have a detailed understanding of its development schedule across all production and planning departments. Avanade’s scheduling tools have helped cross-departmentally to ensure that the team is ready for the next two races as soon as the factory is reopened by helping the design, manufacturing and logistics operations get everything signed-off on time. 08