Data Driven Avanade Issue 1 - Page 7

PLANNING FOR A TWO WEEK SHUTDOWN Formula One is relentless: nineteen races between March and November, constant development on not just this season’s car, but next season’s as well, 24/6 wind-tunnel testing and 50 weeks of flat-out work in every department. Despite this pace, there’s a crossteam agreement that for two weeks every August the workforce drop their tools and take a well-earned break, safe in the knowledge that their rivals are doing exactly the same. “Our development cycle is constant,” explains Lotus F1 Team’s Head of Aerodynamics Dirk de Beer, “with March to June particularly pressurized as, alongside development of the current car, we are also in the thick of developing long lead items for the 2014 car such as the chassis and gearbox. It is utterly relentless, and the August shutdown is the only break we have, and it is very welcome. It allows us to recharge our batteries.” > © 2013 Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved.