Data Driven Avanade Issue 1 - Page 5

1.4MB In 1997 a whole race worth of data from two cars fitted on a floppy disc, which held 1.4MB Y “HAD IT RAINED IN THE “WE MUST NOW LOOK “ROMAN WAS ON A MIDDLE OF THE RACE AHEAD AND LEARN ONE STOP STRATEGY, WE COULD HAVE BEEN FROM THIS WEEKEND” WHICH WAS THE WELL-PLACED TO RIGHT THING TO DO” “It was a disappointing weekend, TAKE ADVANTAGE” with qualifying not as well as we “It was a difficult race for us. We “We had a difficult first lap where we lost a few positions and then dropped back a couple more places in the incident with Sergio Perez (McLaren). We decided on a one stop strategy today and with the new tyres I felt that the grip was much higher than before but I knew that it would be difficult to get the time back. We tried something different and you never know; had it rained in the middle of the race we could have been well-placed to take advantage. It is good to finish the race without any mistakes, even if eighth place isn’t what we were hoping for this weekend; but we go to Monza hopeful of better things.” Romain Grosjean had expected and then a difficult first lap in the race. Kimi suffered from a brake failure which, of course, is a concern. We already believe we know why it happened and we will investigate this in detail to prevent the situation arising again. Romain finished eighth which clearly isn’t the sort of position we hope for at the end of a race weekend. Today we lost some pace and part of that might be due to the low temperatures. We must now look ahead, learn fro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