Darkside Issue 40 | Page 94

The gorgeous Kelli tackles more of your BDSM-related questions ...

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Ian asks : I really want to spank myself , but I don ’ t know how to go about it . I especially want to use it for therapudic reasons . My problem is that I am not very flexible . Is flexibility necessary to self spank ? I tried once and it felt awkward and kinda pulled on some muscles . Are there specific exercises that might make it easier ? I would also like to learn more about solo play and self impact play in general as well . Have you any advice please ?
Ian , it ’ s probably best if you ’ re more on the flexible side . Have you tried yoga ? You can decide what type of yoga best suits you and go from there ! Yoga isn ’ t for everyone , but most people enjoy it very much and it ’ s known to be very effective .
Diane asks : I ’ m curious to see if others think I am overreacting . From several people recently I have been told , right at the beginning of discussions with a potential Dom , that they are not looking to text back and forth too much before meeting in person to see if we have a connection . What it says to me is ‘ I am not interested in taking the time it takes for you to be comfortable to meet me in real life ’. Am I being unreasonable to ask that we get to know each other a bit first before meeting ?
Darkside • Issue 40
Hi Diane , I ’ m with you on this 100 %. I think you may have had the bad luck of coming across a majority of people who feel otherwise . Some people just don ’ t like to waste time and would rather quickly meet in person to determine if there ’ s chemistry and potential there . However , I agree with you and there ’ s many others out there who do as well . There ’ s always compromise , so if you would like to chat for example , a month before meeting , perhaps you could meet half way and meet up after two weeks of chatting . If someone isn ’ t willing to do that with you then I think you should move on to the next !