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Darkside 69

Mistress Roxxy ... defying the odds

In a candid interview , the stunning Mistress Roxxy Clark talks to Paul Donnelly about her life and the events which led up to her becoming a dominatrix ...
Since 2017 , the gorgeous Roxxy Clark has made a name for herself in the UK kink scene as a Dominatrix . Drawing upon her past experiences as well as learning new skills , the glamorous Mistress is very much an open book , willing to share her story as a way of both letting go of the past and in providing others going through similar situations with a sense of hope .
So , what exactly is Roxxy Clark ’ s story ?
Roxxy , an accomplished dancer , had been working for the likes of Xpanded TV and other shows as a cam girl , with aspirations of one day becoming a model . ‘ It was around 2015 , having done dancing for a number of years , that my life took a dramatic turn ,’ says Roxxy .
It was during that year – 2015 – that Roxxy made the leap from dancer and cam girl to porn star , building up a fan base quite rapidly indeed . ‘ After this , in 2017 , I worked on Babestation and later left to have my daughter , having begun a long-term relationship ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ Then I got married .’ career in general , Roxxy ’ s life was centred around her marriage , which ultimately became an abusive relationship . ‘ I found myself with no career , no sense of purpose and in a marriage I was unhappy in ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ It brought back memories of my childhood ,’ she adds .
‘ As a child , my mum abused me , and being in an abusive relationship brought all those painful memories flooding back ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ I knew I had to get out of that marriage and seek a new direction for my life .’
And that is exactly what she did . Ending the marriage , now with a beautiful daughter to take care of , Roxxy gave much thought to what direction she wanted to go in , career-wise . ‘ I didn ’ t want to go back into porn again ; I still wanted to be a published model ’, says Roxxy . ‘ I figured that wasn ’ t going to happen any time soon , so I went back into camming . I figured it would be a temporary stop-gap until something else came along .’
But the marriage was not to be a happy one . Giving up the porn work and her
Looking further into other possible avenues for modelling , Roxxy first
Stay dark