Darkside Issue 40 | Page 39

Hey Kinky Peeps ,

I ’ m Kate / Hells / Laura , which ever you choose to call me ! I am a freelance MUA and part-time plus size model based in Edinburgh UK . I started in the industry around a year ago now , initially by posting selfies on Instagram until lockdown was lifted and I was able to get to the shoots I had organised during that time . I ventured into makeup artistry through this and my love of the creative world and since May last year my life has been a complete riot , having done over 100 different looks and shoots on others as well as my own shoots . I have been published as a model seven times and over 23 times as an MUA in the space of the last year and have gone from a small corner in my home for a studio with a chair and a ring light , to a full room transformed into a home studio to becoming a co-owner of StudioThreeZero based in Falkirk , Scotland . lls lle

As well as StudioThreeZero I am also lucky enough to be involved in a new project in Midlothian , Scotland , called Trinity House , which is a stunning gothic church currently being converted into a studio / home featuring a princess tower , several bars , hot tub , and built-in custom medieval dungeon . I will be the resident Mua / Manager for this beautiful location , and I can ’ t wait for you all to see it . This perfectly leads onto my alter ego ; I love the BDSM / Fet scene and have been involved for many years now . In personal relationships I find myself quite submissive , however , in my work and professional life I am very much dominant . I wanted to do this shoot with the brilliant Ian Foster ( who is also heavily involved with Trinity House ) to show perhaps the softer side of me which people don ’ t ever get to see and also to show my range as a model as well as an MUA . I have worked as a Domme online for a long time but have taken a step back from this over the last year due to other commitments and not being able to give enough of my time to my subs , which I felt was the right thing to do . Who knows , once Trinity is up and running , I may step back into my old role once again !
@ hellsbellemua / @ Hellsbelle666sg FB / Insta @ fozzie001 Insta – photographer @ Trinity _ House _ Scotland @ Hellfire Adultfolio
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