Darkside Issue 40 | Page 33

Darkside 33
about sex work by sex workers . Go read it !
PD : If you were not doing this , what other career would you like to have ?
Whatever it was , and it would not be in an office , I would love to be able to have enough money to give back to the community , help others in need and not hoard all the wealth .
PD : What satisfies You the most about being a Mistress and what is your personal motivation to work as a Dominatrix ?
I have been incredibly lucky to have been told that I have helped people improve in other aspects of their lives . If I can make a difference to one person ’ s life then that is good enough for me and extremely satisfying . I have had subs say I have helped their self esteem , self confidence , make better decisions about their lives , make them feel happier . That is just utterly beautiful . I also enjoy facilitating people who are newer to the Scene , providing the assistance and guidance that I wish I ’ d received when I started out , from someone friendly , safe and welcoming . The Scene is a wonderful place full of people working out a lot of big stuff about themselves , and I think it ’ s important that this culture exists , because there is a need for a safe space to help human beings figure out what it is to be alive .
PD : Anything else you would like to mention , Mistress Jane ?
Feel free to follow Me on social media- Instagram @ thejane _ grey , on Twitter @ The _ JaneGrey and apply for sessions or indeed buy Me a little gift ( always brightens my day !) via My website www . thejanegrey . com
If you are interested in being a service sub or foot sub for future Scene events you can apply via scenespaceldn + enquiries @ gmail . com
Thank you for interviewing me ! Love , Jane x
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