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lose their job over it ! Imagine ! It ’ s all very well these models walking down the catwalk in latex , but if they were found out to go to fetish clubs , they probably wouldn ’ t get hired to walk that catwalk again . So what if you like going to orgies or being whipped ? Does it make you any less good at my job ? No . It shouldn ’ t be taboo . I find as well that in the acting industry , my being a Dominatrix is a hindrance for being taken seriously in some sort of leading role on telly . Like , it seems very British and problematic to me that both things can ’ t be true . It ’ s essentially saying you can ’ t be taken seriously as a woman if you ’ re a sexual being . It ’ s rubbish of course , and we still have a long way to go .
PD : How do You feel about the way that Pro-Dommes get portrayed in the media ?
We are still stuck with vanilla middle class white men writing about things they have no idea about . I see a wave of trying to ‘ normalise ’ kink in the media , but there are still so many narratives of it being ‘ other ’ or involving people with dark desires , or dark pasts . We need to have kinky things written by kinky people , otherwise what ’ s the point ?
PD : Do You consider Yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of your life or do You separate this from a more “ vanilla ” life ?
I think it is important to be able to leave work of any kind at the door and I am able to separate what I do from my own personal life however I am very involved in the Scene so most of my friends are kinky and the events I go to are kink related so it does take up a lot of my life , but I can still slob around in my pyjamas and not feel like I have to be ‘ on ’ in those moments . Being a Dominatrix is part of who I am not just entirely who I am .
PD : What do you like to do in your spare time ?
I love visiting new places ( especially when they are paid for by a client !), and I love going for walks , cooking feasts for friends or my partner , a really well made cocktail , and going to see stand up comedy . Recently I also made a coffee table with a friend and it was amazingly satisfying to build something with your own hands .
PD : Besides your love of all things domination , what are your other great passions in life ?
I feel very passionate about the need for creating inclusive spaces , but since becoming a Dominatrix , it ’ s become so apparent to me that I need to improve my knowledge on all things sex worker ’ s rights . I am reading and would recommend everyone reads Revolting Prostitutes : The Fight for Sex Workers ’ Rights by Juno Mac and Molly Smith . It is a really important book
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