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BDSM often gets a bad rap in mainstream society , and naturally we here at Darkside HQ think that ’ s extremely unfair .

I mean , you only have to read our interviews with the gorgeous Mistresses Jane Grey and Roxxy Clark to see how BDSM can be such a benefit in so many ways .
Mistress Jane , in her interview on page 20 , explains how her clients find selfimprovement through her sessions , this improvement reaching into many areas of their lives .
Roxxy Clark , meanwhile , has found BDSM to give her a new lease of life , having come from the world or porn and finding herself in a distructive relationship . You can read her story on page 66 .
We love this lifetyle and think everyone should give it a go ! But , of course , if you are simply a passive observer and enjoy looking at beautiful models and Mistresses doing their thing in latex and leather , then , as always , we have plenty of eye candy for you to look at in this issue !
We have the gorgeous curves of young model and makeup artist , Hells Belle ; the lovely Olivia Taylor makes her Darkside debut in a pair of pink knee-high boots ; plus we have the truly stunning Sindy and her partner Denver , aka Bedside Manners , in a nice raunchy set ! Plus , the to-die-for body of super-hot model and Mistress , Devilish Anuryh .
And , we have articles and stories to inspire and inform you on your kink journey , including healthy ways to indulge your foot fetish , for those who adore this aspect of the human body !
As always , enjoy this issue of Darkside , and Stay Dark , and Stay Safe !
Paul Donnelly Editor
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