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being pushed to their physical limitations and the release that comes with it is very cathartic and often very healing . I also enjoy pet play . Owning a pet is greatly rewarding and I value obedience and loyalty . I also adore good service and objectification . I am a real stickler for impeccable service and it goes well rewarded if I am satisfied . I want subs to make themselves useful to Me in all sorts of ways , so it can be quite fun to use them as a chair or table .
Something I love that I didn ’ t think I ’ d like as I don ’ t enjoy food play that much is chewing food for a sub and spitting it into their mouths or into a bowl for them to eat . Having total control over someone and My being involved in the minutiae of their existence in this way is thrilling .
PD : What does a D / s relationship look like to you ?
Consent by all parties involved to adhere to a dynamic clearly agreed upon and in what capacity , in a communicative , honest , respectful ongoing exchange that is also subject to change at any time , whether decreasing or increasing in intensity . The submissive ’ s input is equally as important as the Dominant and while the dynamic can be led by the Dominant , there should be equality in terms of respect to all parties . All relationships depend on consent , compassion and communication and that should be at the heart of it .
PD : If someone asked You to take them past their limits , would You ?
That would depend on the context of how they asked Me , how well I knew them and what is specifically meant by those boundaries or perhaps physical limitations in terms of pain , for example . Also , theory is often different from reality . There is not a chance that I would do that with someone I don ’ t know extremely well , or if they were in a particularly deep sub space and said they wanted more but I could see it was time to stop the scene . There is also a difference between pushing someone ’ s limits and taking someone past their limit . It is crucial that I as a Top use both My skills and intuition in a scene and am in control at all times . If someone has explicitly said they want to improve their pain threshold
Darkside • Issue 40