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Further Information and Bookings - www.danarts.co.uk Art History Lectures with Adrian Sumner Monday 28 April Paris in the Belle Epoque Impressionists, PostImpressionists, Symbolists, Fauves and Cubists From the 1890s to the Great War, Paris was the centre of the artistic world, generating movement after movement in fine art fro the ferment of artists who gathered there fro all over the world. Monday 19 May Blooming Marvels Flowers in Art Throughout history the language of flowers has fascinated and beguiled us, and artists most of all. Venue: All lectures take place at The Council Chamber 78 Church Road Northwich CW9 5PB We will see how the Romantic movement and the Salon gave way to successive waves of innovation, created by artists who have shaped not just Modernism, but the way in which we see the world. This lecture looks at the effortless genius of Manet, the Worldly Beauty created by Monet and the Impressionists, the rush of colour and emotion generated by Van Gogh, Gauguin and the thrilling diversity of PostImpressionism, the dreaming other-worldliness of Symbolism and Art Nouveau, and the Shock of the New confronted by Fauvism and Cubism. And the School of Paris itself, of course. This lecture looks at the art of flowers, in landscape and in vases, from Ancient Rome to Modern-day Kew, taking in the Tulip Madness of the Dutch Golden Age, Monet’s paintings of his famous garden at Giverny, Art Nouveau’s obsession with poppy, convolvulus, and sunflower, William Morris’ endless invention in textile, wallpaper and print, Redoute’s Roses, plus a wealth of botanical illustrations to suit all tastes. Telephone: 01606 41597 (adjacent to St Helen's Parish Church) Time: Lectures start at 2.00pm Prices: £5.00 (£4.00 concessions) including tea/coffee Booking: To book a place, call the DAN Office in Northwich Library on 01606 41597 or book Online at www.danarts.co.uk, where further information on all DAN Events can be found.