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Dairyland Peach, May 10, 2020 Page 9 pm 2 o t m N a E 8 P m O o r S f I y I a d r u DEL t a S - y a d n o M : E E F F O C Y T L A I C E SP R O F Y L N O . Z O 12 9 4 . 2 $ NEW ARRIVAL: Melissa & Doug Summer Selection Toys/Art Supplies/ Beach Toys/ Sidewalk Chalk ALL DELI MEAT IS 20% OFF TILL 5/16 YOGURT WITH YOUR CHOICE OF TOPPINGS IS NOW AVAILABLE ALL DAY Patio is now available for seating. Variety of healthy snacks for your family picnic sold here: Dried OR frozen fruit, crackers, chips, nuts, chocolate 1 Block off Main on the Corner of 6th & Getty, Sauk Centre Hours: 8am-6pm Monday-Friday Saturday 8am-3pm • Closed Sunday www.TheOutpostMercantile.com Thank you all for your support & business during this time. May God bless you and your loved ones.