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AL ING N O TI RKET O M MA O R P SE YOUR U ND T OF A E AR E P R F AS L E S F E G E T Y. G A D AT E G STR The world around us is changing. We seem to be consumed by all the obligations that tech brings, but this is not necessarily true... With the latest developments in technology and our newest promotional gadgets, you experience more freedom and mobility than ever before. Think wireless! Pair two speakers to experience True Wireless Stereo sound and use Bluetooth 5.0 for an even better, faster and more efficient connection. Recharge your Solar Powerbank sustainably via sun rays or use a Fast Wireless Charger to charge your smartphone as quickly as possible, wherever you are. Embrace the mega power that PD brings - with a Type-C connector of course, which will be suitable for any device in the near future. In the meantime, you retreat into your own bubble with the Active Noise Cancelling technology in our headphones. FEEL FREE to give your brand the biggest boost possible! This is our definition of freedom… Joy in Technology Joy in Technology