D-Pad D-Pad - Issue #2 - Dec 2015 - Page 3

Older games


Timesplitters 2 an awesome game that has good singleplayer and multiplayer! This game is very fun and had many ports so at the time it was easy to get. Its a first person shooter and is extremely fun. Lots of guns, characters to play as and levels on singleplayer mode! A bundle of fun and great to play with 2-4 people! You can even play story mode with 2 players!

Altered Beast, a Sega Genesis game or Mega Drive. This is a fun beat-em-up where you are a man and when you kill a certain enemy you get DNA. This DNA will make you stronger. If you collect enough DNA you will eventually be the animal of the level. For example the first level is a wolf. And the second level animal is a dragon. This game is fun and two-player so when you play grab another controller and get some good DNA.

NOTE: Rating is using IGN due to metacritic not rating Altered Beast.