CYPnaval 2019_e-Booklet Defence & Security 4BLUE ECONOMY - Page 34

Ms. Maria Chiara Properzi Port and Maritime Security Policy Manager (EOS) European Organisation for Security Maria Chiara Properzi holds a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences and was awarded with a Double Degree Master's in International Relations from LUISS Guido Carli and Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She attended also the College of Europe, where she obtained a Postgraduate Master's in European Interdisciplinary Studies. Maria Chiara Properzi joined EOS in January 2017 and she is currently a policy manager dealing with border control. Her activities spams from policy monitoring; advocacy activities on behalf of the Integrated Border Security Working Group. "Ports & Marinas Security issues to avoid major as well large scale incidents" After assessed capital security questions, highlighting the importance of thinking about solution and not merely only about technology, Maria Chiara Properzi focused on where EOS sees the risks connected to ports and marinas. Risks are posed by: terrorism, cargo thefts, illicit trafficking and illegal immigration by sea. EOS believes that A thorough dialogue between different stakeholders at their different levels: policymakers, port authorities, shipping companies, end users, technology providers. This dialogue would help a better definition of threat and risk landscape/scenarios. Stakeholders should also focus on passenger security gaps. Solutions have been presented by area of competence: security by design, biometric technologies and detection technologies. EOS recommends a fully integrated system that builds upon a direct dialogue between end users and security providers, enables by regulators.