CYPnaval 2019_e-Booklet Defence & Security 4BLUE ECONOMY - Page 12

Mr. Anastasios Rozolis President (SEKPY) Hellenic Manufactures of Defence Material Association Tassos Rozolis was born in Athens in 1964. He is married, with three children. Education: Economic University of Athens, Economic Analysis, 1982-1986 Hellenic Army, 1986-1988 Implementation of Offset Contracts (Monitoring Offset Benefits and Programs, Management of Defence Programs) Work Experience: Marketing Dept. of OLS Ltd. : 1988-2000 Managing Director of AKMON S.A. since 2000 Treasurer of SEKPY (Hellenic Manufacturers of Defense Materials Association) 2010-2012 President of SEKPY since 2012 Tassos Rozolis has a 25 years experience in the Greek Defense Environment including Defense Procurements, Offsets, Consulting, and Defense Manufacturing. Due to his involvement with SEKPY (Hellenic Manufacturers of Defense Materials Association), he has vast knowledge of the Greek Defense industry: MoD Legislation including OB rules and procurements Law, Greek manufacturers, their capabilities, opportunities and problems. Language: Fluent in English and French "Defense and Security Industry Synergies 4Blue Economy" SEKPY, is the non-profit association of Hellenic Defence Manufacturers. It was established in 1982 and since then its main role is to Support and Promote the interest of the Hellenic Defence Industry in the domestic and international market. It consists of more than 120 member-companies (State owned and Private), with more than 15.000 employees working in its member companies. As of today’s conference, the finding along with the direct prospect of extracting the hydrocarbons from the Republic of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone creates, apart from growth opportunities, apart from the need for new infrastructure and new jobs, additional needs for effectively protecting and consolidating security in the aforementioned area. Governments, state funded organizations but also private entities and oil majors should form synergies in order to develop products (such as UAVs, vessels, sea platforms) and applications (e.g. satellite applications) which will be meeting their own needs, allowing them to take advantage of their know how, experience and infrastructure, boosting a sense of security and stability. I take this opportunity to propose ZOMIDEA the establishment of a forum, whose aim will be to pave the ground and set the rules for synergies between all countries, all companies and industries who could be benefitting. The same way that all parties interested formed synergies for the hydrocarbons’ extraction … the same parties should now form synergies in order to assure security, stability and uninterrupted growth.