CYPnaval 2019_e-Booklet Defence & Security 4BLUE ECONOMY | Page 29

The European framework Concerning the European framework, besides the involvement of the Secretariat General in building an integrated maritime policy, our priority is to develop a European coast guard. The integrated maritime policy is carried by the DG Mare from the EU Commission and aims at strengthening the coordination between the various fields of activity. It emphasizes the planning of the maritime space, the joint maritime surveillance and the strategies of sea basins. At the national level, the Secretariat General for the sea is the leader on all these subjects. The creation of a European coast guard function has been approved by the Council of the European Union on September 14th, 2016. The Secretariat General for the sea initiated contacts on this matter with the EU, and especially with the Frontex Agency in Warsaw. These contacts will continue in 2017. This new coast guard Function requests an effective coordination between operational centers of Member states and centers managed by the Agency. It can also be seen as an oppor tunity to establish a joined and coherent mean for maritime surveillance at the European level. This is the subject of the CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) project. The Secretariat General for the sea and the different French ministries concerned follow this project. The international framework At the international level , the Secretariat General for the Sea works with the United Nations for the protection of marine environment. An international agreement is currently in progress for the protection of the marine environment and the biodiversity in open sea. Negotiations should lead to an implementation agreement of the Montego Bay Convention. It raises major questions, especially concerning the principle of freedom of the open sea. As requested by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Secretariat General chairs a think tank established by the administrations and by representatives of the civil society. It aims to collect observations and to establish the French posit ion at this early stage of the negotiation. Finally, the Secretariat General for the Sea is involved in the management of our territorial disputes with other States (Tromelin and the Mauritius Island; The Scattered Islands and Madagascar; Clipperton and Mexico; Matthew and Hunter and Vanuatu).