Cycling World Magazine June 2017 - Page 66

66 | Cycling World Cycling For Rangers By Will Johnson, Charlie Rose, Theo Bromfield and Will Addison What do the sleepy villages of the Cotswolds and the vast swathes of wilderness in Sub-Saharan Africa have in common ell not a lot really, a art from that four young men will have cycled through both by the end of this year. Cycling For Rangers is a group of friends who have a collective passion for the outdoors, conservation, filmmaking, writing and cycling. They’re combining all of these in their cycle from Johannesburg to Nairobi. Over the past few years they’ve had countless hypothetical conversations about what great adventures they’d love to do one day. At the wackier end of the scale, there was talk of roller skating from John O’Groats to Lands’ End, a Channel crossing from Dover to Calais by pedlo and cycling from Paris to Barcelona in what can only described as “the bike thing that the Chuckle rothers drove. ther ideas they’ve floated have been rowing the Atlantic, circumnavigating Ireland by bicycle and riding a Boris bike from London to Moscow. They decided on the most ambitious plan yet: an 8,000km snaking cycle from Johannesburg to Nairobi, through eight countries and ten national arks. The motivation To raise awareness about a cause and part of the world that they feel passionately about; conservation and particularly the welfare of anti-poaching rangers across sub-Saharan Africa.