WAYNE’S TOP TIPS... Reducing Fuel Costs Fuel is the one constant when travelling. Where to find it, how to conserve it, and how to factor it into your budget. Below are my top five tips for reducing fuel costs. 1 2 3 PEDAL TO THE METAL This is one tip that I have to have to remind Adele of: she loves putting her foot down for take off. However, this will use more fuel. 4 EASING OFF Another one that Adele often forgets..easing off the accelerator when you know you need to slow down will also save your fuel. UNNECESSARY WEIGHT Don’t carry unnecessary weight. This can make a massive difference as you can chew up the juice with overloaded cars, trailers, and caravans. 5 CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS We’ve all heard terms like ‘aerodynamics’ and ‘drag’. Driving on open highways with your windows down will make your car work harder. Time to close the windows and use your air vents. TYRES When they are low on air, your car will work harder. Regularly check your car tyres as well as your caravan and trailer tyres. page 04