CWK eMAG ISSUE 02 FREE - Page 12

A I N A M S TA P I R T D A O R There is a wealth of information available about Tasmania: all the tourist hotspots and must-see locations, however, as a family travelling by caravan, crossing Bass Strait aboard The Spirit of Tasmania, we wanted to ensure our trip would not only be memorable and included something for everyone on the itinerary, but was also caravan friendly along the way. STAGE 1 - PLANNING In a stunning location like Tasmania, how exactly do you determine which must- see locations to visit during your stay? The choices range from adventure and adrenalin activities right through to leisurely walks of the country side. With the help of our wider Caravanning with Kids community, we tapped into the collective knowledge of those who’ve been to the Apple Isle in our quest to find the TOP 5 MUST SEE destinations of Tasmania. Did your suggestion make the list? BOARDING 11 JANUARY 2018 page 12