CWC COVID Operations Plan -Fall 2021 - Page 15




In an effort to decrease transmission of the COVID-19 virus , all areas should adhere to these guidelines for the duration of this plan .
All areas should actively promote hygiene etiquette for coughing , sneezing , and handwashing ; avoid touching the face / eyes / nose / mouth .
When possible , discourage sharing of equipment , work tools , classroom supplies , where multiple people may touch surfaces frequently without the opportunity to perform hand hygiene . All shared equipment must be wiped down between individual use . Physical Plant will provide the necessary cleaning supplies .
High touch surfaces ( work surfaces , computer keyboard / mouse , lightswitches ) will be cleaned before and after each group uses a space ( ie : a classroom ) consistent with area specific plans . Physical Plant will provide the necessary cleaning supplies .
Hand sanitizer and hand washing supplies will be readily available .
Custodial staff will follow the CDC ’ s guidelines for routine cleaning of facilities and spaces used by community members . This guidance identifies the surfaces and items that should be cleaned and how often cleaning is recommended . In addition , it provides specific details on how to disinfect spaces that have been used by an individual who tests (+) or is assumed to be (+) for COVID-19 .
Follow the CDC ’ s Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfection for Community Facilities Most surfaces and objects will require routine cleaning per the college ’ s protocol . Frequently touched surfaces and objects like tables , light switches , doorknobs , countertops , desks , handles , toilets , faucets , sinks , phones , computer keyboards and mouse , will need to be cleaned and disinfected to further reduce the risk of germs . Frequently used spaces , such as classrooms and labs , will need high touch surfaces to be cleaned more frequently than the routine cleaning provided by the custodial staff . Faculty , students , and staff will clean high touch surfaces after each class session or space use .