CV Directions Vol. 1, No. 2 - Page 5

5 Management Challenges in the Cardiac Cath Lab Andrea Watkinson opportunity to maintain their work hours and expand their skills. Scottsdale Health We were making significant strides in preserving work hours, but due to decreased standby and certification pay rates, shift differential, and overall employee benefits, employees still felt devalued and gradually became more dissatisfied and disengaged. Working together, staff and management expanded the action plan to include working with key administrators and executives in the organization to increase communication. The staff not only wanted to get to know the key executives who were making the decisions, but they wanted the executives to get to know them—to know the life-changing commitment, skill level, and hard work it takes to work in a Cardiac Cath Lab. This process entailed inviting executives to Cath Lab staff meetings and spending time in the lab observing cases. Opening lines of communication and establishing relationships helps to create a network of shared governance, understanding, respect, and trust—something our staff desperately ne