CV Directions Vol. 1, No. 2 - Page 11

gionalMeetings Kurt Jensen Communications Director TestimonialsfromEvaluations T "ALL OF THE SPEAKERS WERE VERY, VERY RELEVANT." - KANSAS CITY Firstly, continuing education keeps professionals up-to-date in the rapidly changing clinical environment in terms of technology and techniques. Keeping up-to-date practically benefits professionals themselves, making them more valuable team members that are better equipped to adapt to new clinical realities. "GREAT CONFERENCE! EVERY SESSION WAS PACKED WITH VALUABLE INFORMATION, AND THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD MAKE DIFFERENT." - SARATOGA he importance of continuing education in healthcare professions cannot be understated. "EXCELLENT PRESENTATION AND JOB WELL DONE. I APPRECIATE HER OPENNESS AND WORDS OF PRAISE. VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND ENERGIZING SPEAKER." - BOSTON Continuing education has also been found to practically improve patient outcomes and make for better healthcare teams. In a 2007 review of literature by the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-based Practice Center, researchers concluded that a "ALL ASPECTS OF THIS MEETING WERE VERY majority of studies of continuing VALUABLE. EXCELLENT!" - PHOENIX education demonstrated long-term improvement in professionals’ knowledge, attitude, skills, practice behavior, and clinical outcomes. This conclusion holds continuing education as Taking an active role in continuing key to the education through the maintenance of ACVP would not only professionalism and provide yourself and excellence in other professionals WE ARE A healthcare fields. greater access to more GEOGRAPHICALLY and better educational DIVERSE AREA AND WE HAD Meetings have also opportunities, improving PARTICIPATION FROM BOTH been found to be the outcomes for ENDS OF THE STATE OF effective models of patients on a larger UTAH. PEOPLE HAD TO continuing scale, but it would also TRAVEL SOME HUNDREDS OF education. A 2001 bolster your resume by MILES. IT WAS A GOOD study by the demonstrating your OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE Cochrane commitment to the FACE TO FACE CONTACT Collaboration adoption and spread of WITH OTHERS IN THE found that best practices. PROFESSION AND HAVE AN continuing ORGANIZED EDUCATION education in the Regional meetings are OFFERING WITH CEUs THAT form of educational also strategically sound WERE THE MAIN DRIVING meetings had a investments for FORCE FOR SOME significant effect on administrators looking to ATTENDING." improving patient improve the bottom line. outcomes. The A US Travel Association SCOTT ALLISON, Johns Hopkins study found that INTERMOUNTAIN, review also found meetings can deepen SALT LAKE CITY live media to be employee relationships more effective than and improve the health print media in improving practices. of organizations, improving employee " HOST "WOW! THAT WAS A LOT OF INFORMATION ON CHANGING GUIDELINES IN CARDIOLOGY. INFORMATIVE, INTERESTING, RELATABLE AND RELEVANT." - SARATOGA "GREAT PRESENTATIONS! VERY TIMELY AND APPROPRIATE TOPICS, GOOD INFORMATION." - INDIANAPOLIS "GREAT SPEAKERS!! NICE FLOW/BLEND OF PRESENTATIONS. IT WAS AN EXCELLENT CONFERENCE." - WASHINGTON, D.C. retention. An increase in employee retention as small as five percent can generate a 25-85 percent increase in profitability. The studies show regional meetings like those orchestrated by the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals have been demonstrated to be significantly valuable in improving healthcare practices and the organizational health of hospitals. Ultimately, it is the goal of every healthcare professional to do good. Together, we can do better. The ACVP is continually looking for professionals to host regional meetings in their facilities. If you are interested in spreading opportunities for continuing education in your region, please reach out to Peggy McElgunn at 11