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SIMPLICIT Y WITH NUMBERS SIMPLICITY WITH NUMBERS IMAGINE THE following scenario at your workplace: Your team members log into their computers, immediately being able to access the information they need for the day, receiving reminders of things they need to follow up on or complete, and are able to start or complete any process with minimal data entry. Every department receiving notifications of the things they need to know, approve, or follow up on, and management is able to quickly review critical items to answer questions that drive strategic initiatives. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It just takes a bit of planning, strategy, and the right customer relationship management (CRM) program to facilitate it. Handle 2.0 and our Adoption Process is the solution to that issue. Handle 2.0 is a CRM solution that places the highest value on Simplicity, Adoption and Growth. It’s clear, based on our own (and other) CRM implementations, that CRM software is meant to facilitate the process, but the approach needs to be based on what your company does and what you are planning to achieve. The software then makes sure that is happening. The most vital aspect of that software, however, is how it can simplify complex processes. This begins with centralizing or integrating your existing data. The human brain is only able to spend so much time interpreting things before willpower begins to diminish. It can be easy to get lost in arrays, charts and graphs. Implementing a CRM almost always involves behavioral change by your team. This is an immediate strike against you when implementing anything. With Handle 2.0, we focus our time on the up-front setup using actual data from your business. Confusion leads to communications problems and disconnects within the organization. Thus, we break everything down into a three-step approach: numbers, process and growth. The goal is to set up a singular screen based on simple numbers that can be shared across the organization consisting of the three As: Access, Action and Accountability. Answering these three questions will provide the details necessary to begin creating your dashboard: • What does your team need easy Access to? • What does your team need to Act upon? • What do managers want their team to be Accountable for? (Accountability should be thought about in terms of coaching and planning.) The demand for CRM increases as organizations, customers, products, services, technology and sales processes become more complex. With that increased complexity and the advent of the internet, buyers also change. Unfortunately, it can become nearly impossible for individuals, even management staff looking down from the top, to keep everything important in mind when going through their daily tasks. That is what makes a CRM so vital. A single screen that provides team members direction; that with a flip of a switch can be used by leadership to plan and coach your team. To learn more about our approach to CRM and how it could help you, contact us at or handle@customertrax. com. 5