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“Just because you recognize your customer’s face or the sound of their voice does not mean you have a relationship.” It doesn’t matter how you collect Customer Intelligence. The critical piece is that you create a system that helps you pay more attention to hearing and obtaining your customer’s information so you can document and follow up to demonstrate that you are not like anyone else with whom they do business. Personally, my Customer Intelligence Notepad is always with my wallet, car keys and cell phone. I don’t leave home without it, so I can learn more about F.O.R.D. on each of my customers. I learned about the F.O.R.D. acronym from one of our Secret Service Agents, Mr. Don Thorpe, who lives Secret Service in his daily life. In The Customer Service Revolution, DiJulius points out how numerous John DiJulius companies have made Customer service their biggest competitive advantage, are dominating their industries, and have made price irrelevant. John R. DiJulius III best-selling author, consultant, and keynote speaker, As a result of this Customer service revolution, people are being treated is the President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience differently, better, and in a way like never before. This is a result of how consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends companies and management are treating their employees and how and best practices. Learn more about The DiJulius Group or The employees are treating each other and the Customer—which ultimately Secret Service Summit, America’s #1 Customer Service Conference. permeates into people’s personal lives at home and in their communities. 11