Customer Annual Review 2016 - Page 9

How we delivered for you 2015/16

We invested over £21m in home and estate improvements. £14.2m of this was on heating, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and roofs. The rest was on major improvement works likes drainage, rewiring, cyclical painting, landscaping and estate improvements, as well as risk management areas like fire, legionella and asbestos.

We completed 1,100 aids and adaptions, securing £1.3m in grant funding to enable you to remain in your home.

We invested £3.5m in heating system upgrades, helping to make 1,873 customers’ homes more affordable to run.

We completed 90,000 repairs, including around 20,000 gas related jobs – spending on average about £441 per property on repairs. 5,300 gas jobs were completed the same day.

The total amount we spent on repairs last year was £11.3m.

Of course we know that there is always more we can do to ensure that every one of you has the right home for you and your family. Our focus is now on:

Re-looking at the standard of homes when you move in. Some of you have told us that you were not happy with the quality of your home when you moved in, so we’re looking at what we need to change and what would make the biggest difference to you.

Improving the waiting times and need for repeat repairs of gas servicing appointments.

How we can make your homes more affordable to run. We know this is still a massive issue for you and so we will continue to try and tackle this in a number of ways over the next year including

investing in better heating systems

and providing you with the

latest advice.

Over the past year

We’re currently testing a new service that encourages new customers to unearth their DIY talent.

The starting well engineer service kicks in when an engineer visits a new customer within two weeks of them moving in. They demonstrate easy-to-do repairs, such as unblocking a sink with the customer, leaving them with a mini tool kit if necessary. This enables new customers to fix some low level repairs without having to wait, whilst freeing up the engineer’s time to fix the big stuff that matters to you sooner. Find out more here

Getting DIY skills off to a flying start


<Interactive button> If you are worried about heating your home, take a look here

If you are

worried about

heating your

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