Customer Annual Review 2016 - Page 7

<Interactive button> Read how partnership working helped Grace into work and her family into a new home. <link to Seagull’s case study when live on News Hub>

We aim for at least 85% of you to say you would recommend us to a friend.

We will aim to re-let properties within 11 days.

We will support you to access the opportunity of a new home by mutually exchanging with another customer.

We will help to ensure that you are living in a home that is right for you.

We will minimise the number of failed tenancies.

We want you to recommend us for the way we help you move into one of our homes.

87% of you said you would recommend us to a friend.

Our average re-let time was 14.9 days and whilst we missed our challenging target our performance is amongst the best in the sector.

We enabled 265 customers to exchange properties this year.

182 of you transferred from the Bromford property you were living in to a more suitable Bromford home.

This year saw 151 tenancies end in negative circumstances, a reduction form 186 but still too many and something your neighbourhood coach will be working with you on.

95% of you said you would recommend us - up from 92% last year.




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An explanation of the lights: Green means we’re delivering. Amber means we’re very close to achieving the target – within 5% or 0.5. Red means we need to do more, as we’re a distance from achieving the target.