Customer Annual Review 2016 - Page 21

You rate us

7.4 out of10

for providing

value for money

up from

7 out of 10

last year

Savings like these mean we can invest more in the homes and services that make a difference to you - but the value doesn’t end there. We also have to ensure we get maximum value from the services we provide.

Value in this sense might mean helping you reduce your debt, get into work or education or helping to improve health. We call this social value and you can read more in our social impact report here

Here are some examples of what we’ve been doing:

• In piloting new services that helped customers get the most

out of life, we created £1.15m of social value – that’s £2.59 for

every £1 we invested

• Our opportunities service created £3.3m of social value by

helping customers gain the skills and confidence to access

sustainable work. This is £11.54 for every £1 invested

• Short term support services aimed at helping people live

more independently in their own homes created £408k of

social value, a return of £13.62 for every £1 invested

• Aids and adaptations to homes, to enable customers to

remain in their own homes created £3.6m of social value.

That’s £3.63 for every £1 invested.

• Being savvy and keeping a firm eye on the value of the money

we spend and the value we create has enabled us to invest an

additional £3.5m in the neighbourhood coach approach,

which is pretty rare in the current climate when other housing

associations are having to scale their services back. So it really is

important we continue to keep focused on value.

To read more about what we did last year to achieve value for money and what we’re planning for the coming year, take a look at our Value for Money report here