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Over the past year we’ve focused on getting more of you involved in service improvements than ever before. Over 570 of you have signed up to get involved in helping us develop services and over 6,600 of you provided us with feedback on the services you received. This information has helped us to steadily improve throughout the year and you have told us that our services are getting better across the board.

As well as making a commitment last year to get more of you involved, we also said that we would continue to invest in services that - help you manage the effects of welfare reform, help make heating your home more affordable and help you get the most out of life. And you can read throughout the review some of the things we’ve started to do to help with this.

One of the biggest developments this year has been our decision to invest more in the Bromford Deal relationship we have with you.

As you know, being a Bromford customer is about far more than just renting or buying a home from us. We believe that it’s important for us to establish a solid and trusting relationship with each of you to ensure that you get the most out of your home, services and your local community. We’ll be investing an additional £3.5m to bring this to life for all of you over the next couple of years.

This investment will enable us to provide more neighbourhood coaches on the ground. A brand new role, the neighbourhood coach works with around 175 households in a local area, as opposed to the 500-600 households housing managers work with. This massive reduction in patch size enables each of our neighbourhood coaches to get to know you and your local community much better. They find out what opportunities and skills you and your community have, as well as understanding the hurdles that sometimes make it difficult for you to achieve what you want out of life. Then, whether you rent a home or are a shared ownership customer, they work with you to help you achieve your aspirations, connecting you with services or other people in the community where appropriate.

This brand new service is currently being rolled out across Staffordshire and Shropshire, but it will be launching in your area soon – with the plan for all customers to have a neighbourhood coach by early next year. There’s more information on this new approach throughout this review.

Thanks for taking time out to read this review. Your ongoing involvement and feedback is helping us to improve, so please keep it coming. And if you have any comments on how we could improve this publication for next year, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Welcome to the 2016 customer annual review.

This review aims to provide both rented and shared ownership Bromford customers with an update on how we’ve performed for you over the last year. We’ve also taken the opportunity to share with you some of the priorities for the year ahead. There are links throughout the review so you can read more stories and get more information about the things that matter to you.