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The view from


CCN – Scrutiny and Shaping Services

Consistent high standards are important to me, I want to feel proud of the standard my home is maintained to and the quality of the environment I share with my neighbours. This is, I am sure, a sentiment echoed by many Bromford customers.

That is why I feel it is important to have face-to-face interaction with our landlord. Being a part of the CCN offers me and other customers the opportunity to have more in-depth insight into the various services offered by Bromford, and reality check how they truly work for the people who access those services. The network members also work with Bromford colleagues in really shaping the way new services are hatched and made real on the ground.

As a customer in this group I feel my opinion matters. I am therefore able to influence and scrutinise decisions on behalf of customers, shaping service delivery and value for money. It’s quite a fulfilling experience to be a part of a group where my landlord actively encourages honesty and gives customers the opportunity to engage with them via so many forums, from social media to face-to-face meetings.

My involvement with The Deal

I am proud to say customers have been involved with the Deal from the early development stages right through its journey to what it offers today.

The principals of the Deal underpin some of the core values of living in a safe, well-maintained home and environment where all customers feel proud to live. The Deal also offers opportunities for customers and their families to personally develop their skills by offering support tailored to individual needs.

I hope that all customers, irrespective of what stage they are within their lives, are able to feel inspired to access the opportunities the Deal has to offer and improve future prospects and aspirations.

My work on the Independent Customer Panel

From April 2013, customers of housing associations were able to ask for unresolved complaints to be heard by a recognised Customer Complaints Panel. I've become a member of Bromford's panel whose role is to try and resolve complaints locally or refer the complaint directly to the Ombudsman.

To date, two cases have been referred to the panel; one for a supported housing customer and the other regarding a repair issue. Whilst we agreed with Bromford’s handling of the repair complaint, in the other case we mediated between the customer and Bromford to arrive at a successful workable resolution.

The feedback we have had from the Ombudsman has been very positive and complimentary about how the Panel was working in practice and they commented that they would like to see other organisations adopting a similar approach.

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Bromford has always valued the diverse feedback, scrutiny and new ideas that come from our customers.

Our Customer and Communities Network (CCN) is a team of customers working with senior colleagues and Board members to challenge the business, ensuring we're delivering what we say we will as well as acting as a sounding board for innovation.

Yvonne Kelly has been a customer of Bromford for 12 years and an important part of the CCN for over five. She tell us more about the CCNs role...