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Helping people navigate welfare reforms

We have worked with nearly 3,000 customers affected by under occupation charges, commonly known as 'bedroom tax.' In all, we’ve supported 480 of you to complete mutual exchanges with another 119 of you supported in downsizing. Most importantly, through budgeting advice and support in requesting discretionary housing payments, most customers have managed their rent accounts well. This has been a most worrying time for many and we are appreciative of the efforts everyone has made to work with us.

Improving digital services

We have been developing better online services and our ability to respond to service requests made via social media has improved. There is a lot of ongoing work which we cover later in the review.

Influencing our services

We have refreshed the way we listen and act on your feedback. Our ‘Tell Us How It Is’ infographic is now updated every three months, where we show you, warts and all, exactly what you are saying about us and how well we are delivering on our services. This is also helping us capture some great ideas to make things even better.

Sorting things when they go wrong

We said we would try to act more quickly to put things right when they go wrong. We have achieved better results here and our service complaints have dropped by 13%. Furthermore, 90% of these are sorted informally with only 10% escalating to formal complaints. The majority are still about our repairs and gas servicing and for the most part, these revolve around the time it takes to complete a repair and issues with how timely our updates are for the progress of your repair.

We have had one complaint escalate to the Housing Ombudsman this year. The Ombudsman agreed with our handling of this complaint. Their findings stated: “The Association has made an offer which resolves Mr X’s complaint satisfactorily.”

We’ll make sure our improvements in dealing with complaints continues to improve.

Better right first time repairs

We brought our repairs service in-house to focus on cost, quality and speed, improving our ‘Right First Time’ service. We are doing more to employ multi-skilled engineers who are trained to carry out a wide range of repairs, while also ensuring we have the right spares in our vans and reducing travel by managing our appointments better. We have improved during the year but recognise there is still much to do.

Extending the Bromford Deal

We have around 5,000 households receiving Deal services, that’s 20% of all customers and this is growing every week.

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